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funny quotes about coronavirus – funny quotes on virus

funny quotes about coronavirus
funny quotes about coronavirus

funny quotes about coronavirus – funny quotes on the virus

Funny quotes about corona virus – funny quotes about corona virus
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funny quotes about coronavirus – funny quotes on the virus, We tried to reduce our tense days to some extent by creating funny and meaningful words about Corona Virus on these words page with funny words about corona virus. You can also share the beautiful words on this page via whatsapp, sms or facebook. In this page, which contains funny words about Corona, we have prepared words about coronavirus in order to make you smile a little while we have troubled days. You can share these words on tumblr, facebook, twitter and whatsapp.

Funny words about Corona

The coronavirus does not affect rats and snakes, so don’t be afraid: D

I do not think it will be so difficult to stay 6 meters away from my wife during the outbreak.

I do not think it will last very long since it is Chinese in coronavirus.

Remember, seniors are everything, but we should not be upset when we say protect them. Like their child patience, we must show patience to the elderly and warn them against the virus.

Laughing is the best medicine! Do not lose your joy against coronavirus.

If the virus will disappear in the heat, I will go to Africa so no one should keep me.

So, we’re sitting at home, this looks great, but it’s extremely scary to wait because of the virus outside.

If the coronavirus spreads at this rate, our planet will be reborn, but there will be no people left in it.

Now the trend of the new age is to walk at 1 meter intervals.

The coronavirus proved to us that everything around us was temporary.

Meaningful words about corona

If humanity will continue, our true heroes can be thanks to healthcare professionals.

Going out without a mask is like fighting without a gun.

COVID-19 is also known as the Revenge of Mother Nature! – Steven Magee

Humanity is a virus. Genesis P-Orridge

Instead of saying “me” whenever we say “we” and we struggle together, then no virus can stand before us.

An inefficient virus kills the host. A clever virus remains with it. James Lovelock

We do not know the value of our health until the disease comes.

funny words about corona virus

Being silent to the death of animals and children, humanity dies in the grip of a virus that does not kill animals and children.

There was a world before Covid-19. And there will be a world after Covid-19. But it will not be the same. – Oliver Markus Malloy

If an employee told you that he had the flu, you would send him home. If an employee told you he was worried, you would probably tell him to go back to work. But the emotion is as infectious as the flu virus. Chip conley

The end of a false hug or a benevolent kiss can end in the grave.

Coronavirus is dangerous for millions, but love is for billions …

If you can imagine respiratory distress, it will not bother you too much.

My love, if we enter quarantine at home. Don’t be afraid, no virus can harm you.

What is more harmful than Corona is hate.

Do I get a virus if I look at Chinese pictures from Google? I don’t have antivirus on my computer.

Don’t kill the owner of the house you entered as a tenant, Corona.

I think the strongest weapon is a sneeze right now.

I’m a barbaric coronavirus called “Love virus”.

While we are waiting for inspiring flying cars in the 2020s, we talk about cleanliness and hygiene.

If we can take all our precautions, we all know Corona.

Closed spaces became “Party venues” for the coronavirus.

Are ungratefulness spreading fast or corona nowadays?

Thanks to the coronavirus I no longer have to greet anyone.

My father said: “Well, I had my population under-aged, the virus was hurting over 60 years of age.” 😀

funny words about corona virus

Don’t be afraid of me. The only virus I can spread is “Love virus.”

“Coronavirus” has been sent to the world to clean.

Worse news than the deadly covid-19 virus.

I have an infection for everyone like coronavirus today.

You even locked me home while my mom couldn’t keep me at home.

Focus on the rainbow behind fear of the virus’s power …

What are you burning, there is coronavirus in this world.

The home season has opened, netflix is ​​number one in the home needs list.

Isn’t it strange that while the children die most in all wars, Coronavirus does not touch them, giving the world a lesson.

The boy, who tells Allah that he will tell everything, I think he has fulfilled his word.

He discovered world cleaning in the 21st century with coronavirus.

While dreaming of going to Marsa, we learn how to destroy the world.

We all die because of the bat soup you drank.

Devil say credit, live your last days like kings.

Those who consume grocery stores are now waiting for credit card payments with fear.

The only benefit of the Corona Virus will be a cleaner society.

We do not die from the corona while dealing with such troubles.

Scare me even if you are corona

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