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Funny PUBG Quotes – Cool Pubg Sayings Short

Funny PUBG Quotes
Funny PUBG Quotes

Funny PUBG Quotes – Cool Pubg Sayings Short

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Pubg captions

Victory is not my greed, it determines my performance.

Playing Pubg is better than playing with someone’s heart.

She played with my emotion, i preferred playing Pubg.

Winning is inside my blood, so don’t judge my Pubg scores.

My life has become like Pubg…..And I’m in the red zone.??

We could also become a Tiktok star, but Pubg never allowed us.

No one ever imagined this would happen…… bye bye Pubg ?????

Noobs can hide and play, but real winners can destroy everything.

To be a real winner, you must be able to achieve the chicken dinner.

We are Pubg players, we don’t need beautiful, we need battery full.??

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Pubg is a game which turns people into a real gamer of the real life.

Winners are not those who escapes and hides, but those who dies and fight.

Pros have simply formed the habit of doing things, noobs don’t like to do.

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Sometimes we feel the pain of that headshot inside our heart, not in the head.

The extra energy required to make another effort is the secret of winning.

If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.

I survived, because the fire inside me was burning greater than the fire around me.

Pubg Status Quotes

The real liers are not true players, and the real players are the true lovers.

You snipe, you dive, you shoot, you scoot, you loot, you raid, you aim the f*cking head.

Maturity is when you realize; “Winner winner chicken dinner,” is not a great success.

It was not just a game, it was an emotion, it was not only played, it was felt from inside.??

If Tiktokers call themselves a Superstar, than i would call my friend a Soldier who plays Pubg.

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It always feels like something is missing if we don’t have some pubg quotes or images to show.

Life is like a Pubg game, it knocks you down but your loved ones will always be there to revive you.

We’re not born winners. We have to make ourselves into winners by our dedication to the grind.

We don’t play the games where winning is fix. Because victory is sweet when there are lots of risks.

It is more painful then, the moment a girl breaks your heart; when AWM breaks the level 3 helmet.

Pubg addicted boy and Tiktok addicted girl; makes the best couple ever, they will never have time to fight.??

A broker heart, an empty pocket, and those random squad matches will teach you the hardest session of the life.

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Thank you Pubg ????? for being with me when everyone showed me their true self. No doubt, you will be missed forever.????

Life is like Pubg, we never know from which side the bullet may come and hit us. So live your each and every day, happily.

The true soldier fights✊ not because he hates what is in from of him, but because he loves ❤️ what is behind him.

Pubg signatures

Also have a look at these Pubg chicken dinner quotes where we have mentioned more than 30wuotes for chicken dinner lovers in Pubg.

What we can learn from Pubg is; ? when we are together, we can fight the world, but when there’s no unity, we then pay for the consequences.

We don’t play the games where there is no risk, come to Pubg if you think yourself a real winner, then the future will decide, who deserves the chicken dinner.

There’s a saying, “Whatever happens, happens for the good,” be may we played Pubg enough and now it’s time to Play the role of a responsible human and focus on life…….??

This game has become one of the trending games worldwide. The day becomes useless without playing it.Many of us are attracted to it because of its performance and features for gaming.

And if we remain silent, then the other will take advantages over us. And many times we have to proof ourselves, that we aren’t weak! Sometimes we have to fight in order to stop a fight.

The above mentioned quote is highly recommended for those who keep good understanding of life and living. It’s not about guns, but in life, many times we come across certain situations where we have to speak.

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The fear to cross Pochinki Roads will always be missed, the pain of those headshots will always be remembered forever, being killed by the campers will always teach a lesson, that high ping will be missed….. We wil miss you dear “Pubg”.???

Pubg Words From You

I will either get a Netflix subscription or start the Pubg game, I don’t know which one is better.

If you haven’t heard the sound of my gun, it means you’re not dead yet … (Michael – Coming From You)

Maybe I Couldn’t Hit The Man But I’m Hit You I’m pretty. (Jenny – Coming From You)

PUBG Quotes
PUBG Quotes

If I was just as addicted to you as I was addicted to pubg (Joseph – Coming From You)

Friends, we are celebrating birthday at Pubg, I am waiting for everyone.

I throw flowers at you but in your grave .. (Rabia – Those Who Comed From You)

I played so many war games, I was not shot so well. (Aleyna – Coming From You)

In the game, I looked for a flower basket to give flowers to my girlfriend, but the only thing I found is the lead basket.

TikTok Lyrics – Cool TikTok Messages

Than living on your knees. I prefer to die on foot… (Jason  – Coming From You)

My life is like an awm, I have no pity for those who come. (Nick – Coming From You)

When I get into this game, I always think of rhetoric, it has broken my mouth again.

I threw fog, crawl on your path and come to my arms. (Andrew – Coming From You)

I trusted pubg as much as I don’t trust yoummm😊 (Kiper Rain – Coming From You)

I didn’t trust you as much as I trusted the pan behind me, bee… (Steven – Coming From You)

If I played pubg as much as I loved you, I would be #fatih (#dark – Coming From You) Best Sarcastic Quotes And Funny Sarcasm Sayings

Funny Pubg Quotes

The best thing I do in the time between good morning and good night is playing pubg.

Because you became 8x to my Snow. (Hunger Games – Coming From You)

Drop in the game, you fell in my heart, my dear. (Star Wars – Coming From You)

I love what suits myself, not the one that clings to everyone. (Speedy – Coming From You)

Don’t fight for your benefit, fight for your life… (Alone – Coming From You)

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Never give up, never think you will fall. Believe. (Wolf – Coming From You) Best Sarcastic Quotes And Funny Sarcasm Sayings

As long as you breathe, you can fight. (Paris Girl – Coming From You)

When you stand up, trust yourself so you can protect your friends and try again. (Angel – Coming From You)

The most important thing in war is that if you give up, you will die. (Deepfreese – Coming From You)

If my teammates died, the enemy died. (Tülay – Coming From You)

You get the reward for your labor when you take the last blow. (Manhattan – Coming From You)

We like a little crackling (Cool Quotes – Coming From You)


Someone please teach me pubg immediately.

I’m so scared if I start PUBG out of boredom … Monday Motivation Quotes

I’m tired of playing pubg, the pubg start music keeps repeating in my brain.

I wouldn’t believe in life if they said that one day will come and play PUBG from morning till night.

If anyone still doesn’t play PUBG, I wanted you to know that I love you.

Do not let me fall into the swamp of Pubg, my God …

Can we play pubg for the last time before getting married, darling.

I would be surprised if anyone did not play pubg during the quarantine days.

Doomsday seems to come, my mother wanted us to teach how to play pubg.

The biggest reason preventing me from quitting pubg swearing.

I guess I am the one who has not met the pubg game in the whole country.

Help. I can’t go back to normal life from playing Pubg and watching Netflix all day.

I can only go out playing Pubg.

I’m so afraid that I will start Pubg because of my depression and boredom …

Funny Quotes about PUBG

Friends, I think I’m getting crazy about playing pubg, I guess I met friends in the game in a dream.

As I am addicted to Pubg, I wish I could attend classes.

My night and day became pubg. My only wish during these corona quarantine days is not to run out of charge.

When I get angry, I breathe in the pubg. I’m getting all my anger out there oh oh.

My favorite of my activities these days is having a pubg in the evening.

Even in Pubg, we survive by hiding in homes, so do not go out #stayhome

I wonder if I am in the swamp of #Pubg?

My father comes to my room and tries to wake up: I played pubg all night, daaaaad…

I’m resisting life I still don’t use tiktok and still don’t play pubg

This pubg is like the valley of the wolves, they are coming.

I’m in a vicious circle. Help me. While I play Pubg from night to morning, I watch tiktok videos from morning to night.

Pubg in the morning, pubg at night, I’m always at the game. I got lost on social media guys, sorry.

I said wow my only friend, but I caught you playing in Pubg while I was away.

We didn’t touch, I said Pubg was left, but I think I had to say goodbye early …

Get help on how to survive in Pubg with a safe phone.

My only activity at home is to throw a pubg. Very



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