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Fake Smile Quotes – BEST Quotes on Fake Smiles

Fake Smile Quotes
Fake Smile Quotes

Fake Smile Quotes – BEST Quotes on Fake Smiles

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I’m wearing this fake smile. Daae ALF

A loud smile is often a fake laugh. Saahil Prem

Fake a smile. No one knows you’re broken. Demi Lovato

I’d rather have a fake smile than a nasty stare. Tamara Ecclestone

Plastic people flashing fake smiles at a pretend world. Steven James

A fake smile may fool the crowd but it never eases the pain. Kelly Brook

Fake Smile Quotes
Fake Smile Quotes

I smile not for that I am happy, but sometimes I smile to hide sadness. Rahim Chamkanai

A smile is the best way to get away with trouble even if it’s a fake one. Masashi Kishimoto

Here I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles. Same old tired, lonely place. Taylor Swift

I was a bore and didn’t know when to smile or fake it. Or rather worse, I did but didn’t. Charles Bukowski

A fake smile can only be put for some time. Because they are easily detected and disclosed. Saad Wakeel

She had the prettiest eyes & prettiest smile with Wounds on her heart and bruises on her soul. Tanya Gambhir

I Love You Quotes

Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back. Michael Bassey Johnson

You should step in my shoesWalk for a whileand maybe you will see how hard it isto hold back the tears and fake a smile. Elizabeth Panos

A Fake Smile can prevent something bad from happening, but it can also create further misunderstandings. Saadat Khan

Keeping a smile on your face when inside you feel like dying, for the sake of supporting others is Strength. Abhishek Tiwari

A smile is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Even if it’s a fake one. Used properly, you can fool anyone with them. Sai

Fake Smile Quotes

I hide hurt behind a fake smile. I wear it all the time. Everyone says how I always look so cheerful. Shows what they know I guess. Ellen Hopkins

It’s getting harder and harder to wear a fake smile everyday because the more I wear it the more I know how much of a lie it is. Jack Davenport

I can’t really act the way I want to act, or say what I want to say all the time. And a lot of times, I cover that up with a smile. Hilary Duff

What makes big boobs and perkiness so attractive to boys? I mean, really. Two round, mounds of fat and a fake smile. Yeah, winning attributes. Gena Showalter

People maybe smiling but look to the eyes because they can’t hide the sorrow, pain, and heartache they’re trying to hide behind their smile. Karon Waddell

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Smile, even if it’s fake. Laugh, even if you hurt. Don’t let anyone get to you, you’re beautiful regardless of what anyone says to you. Anurag Prakash Ray

Thinking before writing how I feel. That’s how I’m able to write all the lies and wrongs. How else can one write something like a fake smile ? Muhammad Faizan Khan.

I never faked anything. I never played the Disney game of smiling and being a princess and then suddenly having a hard time, saying, ‘That isn’t who I really am. Miley Cyrus

Hide all your problems behind your sweetest smile. Because there is no one to help you out in your problems. You alone have to face it. So face it with smile. Anurag Prakash Ray

BEST Quotes on Fake Smiles

Yes I can smile, but it’s so easy to fake it. And yes I can act like I’m happy, but inside I’m falling apart. Yes I can pretend like everything is ok, but in reality I’m broken. Ester Escalante

When your job is what defines you, when that is the be-all and end-all of your existence, what does a fake smile and a sallow look matter. You have to save your job to keep body and soul together, don’t you? Andy Paula

Winning isn’t everything to me, but it’s a close second. Losing isn’t something that I can just brush off and fake a smile to hide my frustration. It’s that will and determination that I hope will get me where I want to go. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

I don’t think you should try to be anything you’re not. If you’re not smiling all the time or always happy – I don’t think it matters. If you’re having bad day, show you’re having a bad day. Don’t try to put up something that’s fake. Elle Fanning

Even if you’re unhappy, just pretend that you’re happy. Eventually, your smile will be contagious to yourself. I had to learn that. I used to think, ‘I’m being fake,’ but you know what? Better to be fake and happy than real and miserable. Evangeline Lilly

He gave her a bright fake smile; so much of life was a putting off of unhappiness for another time. Nothing was ever lost by delay. He had a dim idea that perhaps if one delayed long enough, things were taken out of one’s hands altogether by death. Graham Greene



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