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Depression Quotes – Depression Quotes Short

Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes – Depression Quotes Short

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Depression Quotes
Depression Quotes

Depression Quotes About Love

It’s not loneliness, it seems like I have been forgotten a bit.

Is that what they call depression? As if I’m slowly giving up everything and everyone.

Everything I say does not end is over. As everybody said I wouldn’t go.

It is terrifying with a dark light because you cannot be alone there is a shadow beside you.

I injected all my dreams into darkness .

I passed the roads we walked. Difference; loneliness. Now I’m alone in my room cold and dark.

My schizophrenic spirit is suicidal. I want to die I can’t

Everyone knows how you look; very few people feel how it is. Machiavelli

The lonely bodies that I covered my loneliness also left me.

I am thinking of getting depressed today. If anyone wants to come, get chips, cigarettes and raki.

People are left alone because they build a wall where they will build a bridge.

I’m in front of a few facts, again, look blood pressure. I’m in a depression hotel, it’s called the world, full board.

I have no reason to die, but I’m on the border to live.

“What is depression?” He asked. I said it was like seeing everyone around you breathing while you were drowning.

Hang me where my dreams come to an end.

As soon as the pain destroys the hopes, if you need a love that will foster hope, I’m always at that address you know.

Actually, I was always alone. Only someone was coming and going.

They laughed at each other as if they would never part, first and then never. Someone went away, someone always looked away at night.

Depression Words Deep

Even if I hear your voice, know that I miss every moment, not see your face every moment. Nothing is like seeing your face.

I have dreams, I have unreal hopes, I have a love that cannot reach my dreams. I have a problem that is not even seen from afar.

It is evening again, my heart is burning again, there is no spring without you, my darling does not open roses in my garden without you.

It doesn’t laugh every day, love it? Someone else is unpopular, isn’t it? You would be without me, right?

I always included those who left. One day they could not replace it. I included those who went to the rest, and again you could not get one.

Rose is in love with the sun from the day it sprouts. Although the sun falls in the splendor of the moon every night and leaves the rose, the rose will not bleed to the stars and forget the sun

I’m with you for a lifetime I don’t want in the pattern anymore. Because you are a dust cloud thrilled by the wind. You blow me today, tomorrow.

I am alone all alone, maybe there are people behind me, but they will not look at me, make me laugh but I cry if my body is used to it .

You don’t know what it’s like to be worthless. Nobody cares what you do. This is how I live every day of my life.




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